What We Do

Our perspective is unique. From writing and reporting the news to working inside Capitol Hill, the White House, campaigns and corporations, to building our business for over fifteen years … we understand what it means to be on the inside and that makes Aberdeen better.

We look at all communication channels as one complete package: public relations, graphic design, copy writing, advertising, website design, social media, internal communications, networking, sales and marketing. Everything a company creates, in every channel, should convey a message that builds on the other channels. Leveraging your communication assets means making the most of everything you do as part of a comprehensive strategy.

What does a comprehensive strategy developed and implemented by one firm mean to you? A true partner committed to your success; less of your time and resources managing multiple specialty firms; and more time focused on your areas of expertise.

We know we aren’t the right fit for every project and we won’t take on a project unless we feel we can knock it out of the park. If we aren’t right for you, we’ll find you a firm that is. Creating meaningful partnerships that last is an important part of our mission.


A brand is an identifiable public personality, complete with traits and emotions. Aberdeen builds brands seamlessly.

Graphic Design

Great graphic design tells a story. Aberdeen creates beautiful graphics that tell the story you want to tell.

Copy Writing

Aberdeen writes with multiple goals for sales, marketing and branding because effective writing is both a science & art.

Public Relations

We have earned thousands of articles and mentions for our clients. That is a loud megaphone.

Digital Media

A great digital media strategy still begins with something a little old-fashioned: well defined goals and a plan to achieve them.

Government Relations

Your representatives want to hear from you, but don't make your first call a call for help. Aberdeen will help you establish those relationships now.

Crisis Management

We have the experience and professional relationships to develop a rapid response team to stabilize a crisis and chart a course to minimize damage.

Social Media

Don't panic. Aberdeen loves social media. That's important because you can't dominate that which you fear. Like it or not, social media is already defining you. Make the definition a great one.